Valve Sued By Australian Competition And Consumer Commision Over Steam Refund Policy

Andrew Larder August 30, 2014 - 12:07 pm

Kotaku Australia reported yesterday that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commsion (ACCC) is suing Valve regarding its refund policy, which is believed to currently breach Australian Consumer Law.


The ACCC alleges that Valve made false or misleading representations to Australian customers of Steam that:

- consumers were not entitled to a refund for any games sold by Valve via Steam in any circumstances;
- Valve had excluded, restricted or modified statutory guarantees and/or warranties that goods would be of acceptable quality;
- Valve was not under any obligation to repair, replace or provide a refund for a game where the consumer had not contacted and attempted to resolve the problem with the computer game developer; and the statutory consumer guarantees did not apply to games sold by Valve.

The ACCC Chairman Rod Sims further clarified the issue in a statement to Kotaku:

“It is a breach of the Australian Consumer Law for businesses to state that they do not give refunds under any circumstances, including for gifts and during sales. Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumers can insist on a refund or replacement at their option if a product has a major fault.

“The consumer guarantees provided under the Australian Consumer Law cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.”

Doug Lombardi said on behalf of Valve ““We are making every effort to cooperate with the Australian officials on this matter.”

A date for the first hearing has been set for 7 October 2014 at the Federal Court in Sydney.

Source: Kotaku Australia



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